Wanskuck is part of the North End of Providence, RI and its surrounding neighborhoods include Elmhurst, Smith Hill, and Charles. Much of Wanskuck’s history began with the development of cotton mills on Wanskuck pond in the 1800’s. The Wanskuck Company, established in 1862, was a major manufacturer of wool clothing during the Civil War and became a foundation for the neighborhood’s start. Today, The Wanskuck Company’s legacy is still present in the structure of the neighborhood’s buildings.

The Smith Hill CDC is proud to expand affordable housing development into the Wanskuck neighborhood, while remembering the roots that formed the community. At the request of Councilman David Salvatore, the CDC’s first development began in 2015 and new developments have continued to grow since then.

For more information on housing developments, resources, organizations, and events happening in Wanskuck, please visit the following:

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